Reiki (60 min session)
Reiki is the name used for Universal Energy. It is a loving and gentle, yet powerful Universal gift for us all. Reiki balances your entire system, physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. It evokes the body’s own ability to heal. In a reiki session with HMT, a qualified reiki master, uses gentle hands on healing, working with the energy chakra centres in the body.
In a one-one session, the client will lay on the table, fully clothed and choose hands on or hands off healing. The reiki master then moves their hands over the chakra centres of the body to release and re-align energy during a calming and grounding session. The client has the option of a music or silence. The session includes a brief consult before and after the session.
Benefits: Feel energised, re-balanced, centred and grounded. Feel calm, nourished, and relaxed and more connected to yourself. Reduce stress and anxiety.