Cleansing Spaces

Cleansing Spaces
A Maori karakia tailored to your workplace or home situation. For example, launching a new business, welcoming new staff, or dealing with spiritually active dwellings. Helena Marie performs a ritual-chant for spiritual guidance and protection. The blessings-karakia are spoken in Te Reo Maori, and honour the whenua, (land), Ranginui (the sky), Papatuanuku (the earth) the Maori Gods and all of the elements of the universe and nature. Cleansings also involve use of sage, essential oils and aura mists and sprays to help clear and balance the energy.

Benefits: It ensures that your space-environment is cleared of any toxic or negative energy or entities blocking the flow of success and wellness. Plus, it activates spiritual guides to watch over the place and keep everyone in it safe and protected.

$100-$400 (based on room size-includes brief consult)

Maori blessing at Le Beluga Caviar Bar, Victoria Park Market

This week HELENA MARIE TAROT, had the privlege of giving a workplace blessing-karakia to Auckland's first Caviar Bar – LE BELUGA – the latest classy bar-restaurant due to open SOON! Book a table with workmates, friends, and family or overseas guests for the opening – email

Posted by Helena Marie Tarot Reader and Spiritual Strategist on Wednesday, 6 November 2019