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Market (Holistic Health in NZ)
Holistic Health and in particular energy work and spirituality is on the rise both locally and internationally. More conventional medical practitioners are introducing holistic practice into their workplace. At Manurewa Marae, Doctors work alongside Rongoa Maori Healers who make medicine from the bush.
Dr Robin Kelly, a well established GP, in Auckland also consults with patients on their spiritual self and he uses chinese herbal medicine. The Treasury in 2019, before announcing the ‘Wellbeing Budget’ enlisted a publisher to create a deck of wellbeing cards, that its staff used at work to enhance communication and empathy. The Ministry of Health also funds 18 Maori health providers around New Zealand, some of which, offer spiritual based services.
With globally impactful platforms such as Mind Valley  and the Gaia network for mind, body and soul, GAIA  more people around the world are reaching out for answers, insight, clarity and wisdom about our own human evolution.
Indigenous Flavour
In New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, we are lucky to live in a new and developing country and therefore we are in a strong position to trail blaze human experiences of healing and transformation through our unique landscape.
As Kiwis (born and bred and or migrants) we are blessed and fortunate to be unified through our beautiful Maori culture. That celebrates, our connection to Papatuanuku (earth) and Ranginui (sky) and connects and grounds us to our people, place and our identity.
Our whenua (land), and awa (rivers), oceans, flora and fauna and forests, have an intrinsic ability through our Maori ancestry and peoples to ignite our wairua (spirit) and poumanawa (heart) towards understanding our soul purpose.
Aotearoa, New Zealand is a magical and healing place and we can embrace our good fortune in having the opportunity to evolve and contribute to our special community.