The premises for HELENA MARIE TAROT is a retail shop front and a separate private healing room. It is in a prime location, in the middle of the VPM, at ground level allowing safe and easy access for customers and staff.The holistic hub is close to the two main entrances on Victoria Street West and Union Street. The venue is also a short walking distance to affluent prime retail areas, Wynyard Quarter, Britomart, Victoria Street, and Queen Street.
Opening hours
HMT currently operates 5 days a week Tuesday to Saturday between 11am to 5pm weekdays and 12pm to 4pm on weekends. Contact info@hmtarot.co.nz or 021 085 11486 or visit our website at www.hmtarot.co.nz

Soulful Space
Relax and recharge in a soulful space that is kept cleansed and blessed at a high vibration. During a healing session, feel the energy, in a calm place that allows you to re-focus, and re-set so that you feel in control of your life.

Health related businesses onsite at VPM
HMT is situated in an area alongside other stores that present a cultural aesthetic, and a unique consumer offering, that relates to health and fitness and wellbeing. For example, at the VPM, there is a pilates studio, two gyms, a body lab, and healthy eating cafes.Visit www.victoriaparkmarket.co.nz